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29 January 2015

Tutorial - Glowing Background

Jackie here today and I wanted to share with you a bit of a tutorial on how to create this glowing affect around your image. Today I am using the fabulous Sunflower Harriet image. I love pulling in the color of the sky or light to offset an image which is exactly what I wanted to show you how to do today. I started with a colored image that I then cut out with a Scalloped Oval die. Set and ready for a card as is, but I thought it needed something a bit extra.
I picked blues for my accent and added a very light color around the edges of the entire image.
Then, I used a slightly darker blue shade around those same edges building layers of ink.
Next I picked an even darker tone and put one layer around the entire image, really making those edges pop.
Finally I made one more round pulling blue dots out from the outside lines of the image in the third darkest shade layering those dots directly on top of the previous layer. I have used this affect to make the sky, to add a glow of yellow, and of course for water. It can be a great accent to any image. Give it a try and see what you think. All you need is three shades in varying tones for some fun colors.


Debbie Adams said...

Great tutorial. I am so glad you showed how to do this. :D
Love how the blue really makes the yellow dress pop. So pretty.
Your CS Teamie
Deborah xxx

Julie Odil said...

Great tutorial! I am going to try this!