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22 April 2014

Tag Card

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today, i post a tag card. For this card i used "Taking a break" image and coloured with my copics.
For this card, you need :
cardstock : 6 inch x 12 inch to fold at 3 inch & 9 inch

Papers of the inside : 14.8 x 14.8 cm
                                            (7.4 x 14.8 cm) x 2 

Papers of the outside : (7.4 x 14.8 cm) x 2
                                               (7.4 x 7.4 cm) x 2 & cut them in the diagonal
To the back papers stick lace before to stick in the cardstock.

Becarefull!!! when you stick corners, don't stick diagonals to corners of the bottoms.

Now, the tag : 
You need :
Cardstock : 11 x 13 cm . On each side hight measure 3.5 cm (see photos)
Paper : 10.6 x 12.6 cm 

You obtain :

You make the same thing with paper and stick both.

Place your image in the middle

You have more than the decoration

Here is finish:


Debbie said...

Such a great tutorial, I must have a go.I have just seen that I ve won the blog hop-thank you so much.Will email you now.Many thanks.Debbie x

Debbie Adams said...

What a great card tutorial. I definitely gotta try this I love the design. :D Thanks for sharing.