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4 October 2013

Skip Skip

A lovely project from Jac using the stamp Skip Skip

This bag isn't my own design, a friend and I went to a craft show several years ago and she joined in on a Stampin’ Up make & take and made this cute little bag out of a piece of 6x6 cs she then gave the bag to me so that I could undo it and find out how to do it for myself, which I did then I decided to increase the measurements and make it out of a piece of 12x12 so here you go, a little gift bag with no cutting, only a little double sided tape and a few folds. Hope you like it. 

Measure in from 1 side 7cm and score from top to bottom, repeat this on the opposite side.

Rotate paper 90° and measure in 12.5cm and score from top to bottom and repeat on the opposite side.

Next score from where the lines meet to the edge of the paper diagonally to a point 7cms down the outside edge. This bit sounds confusing and I’m really not sure how to describe it but when it comes to folding the bag it should all make more sense (I hope!) 

Next you need to start folding so fold in along the first 7cm scores you made. 

Then fold along the 12.5 cm score lines. 

At this point you need to open the bag up again and fold along the diagonals so that as you fold the bag up the sides kind of fold in on themselves. Sometimes I find it also helps to add a small score line centrally between the diagonals to help shape it. It looks la bit like a mouth! Lol 

At this point you need to add your tape to the top and bottom of the 7 cm folds and attach. Then fold your bag and decorate. 

Have fun!


Jackie W said...

Love the super cute image! Such an awesome gift bag! So glad you shared the tutorial!! :)

Aunty Sue said...

Mac This Its Fab Love The Stamp And The Bag