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5 October 2013

Annabel - Babies day out

Supplies: (Supplies photo)
1 - 6" x 12" patterned paper
Hole Punch
Image - Annabel - Baby's Day Out

Score the patterned paper in half (Step 1).

Flip the paper over and rotate to the 6" side and make a mark at the center at 2 1/2" (Step 2).

 Score from the center to the outside edge (Step 3).

 Repeat on all four sides (Step 4).

 Fold along all score lines (Step 5).

 Flip the paper over and punch holes equidistant from the center along the short side of the paper (Step 6).

Thread ribbon through the holes (Step 7).

 Bring the sides together (Step 8)

. Pull the ribbon an tie into a bow towards the top of the box (Step 9).

 Decorate as wanted for a fun complete box perfect for small gifts or treats (Step 10).


Aunty Sue said...

Ooh So That How It Is Done Thanks For Measurements Love Yours Project.

Jackie W said...

Totally adorable image! Love the treat box! Fabulous idea!! :)

Scrappy Scatty said...

Beautifull project xx