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28 April 2017


my new project is a flipcard. I was inspired by Norma Lee.

For this project, you need :
Cardstock, papers, dies.
Cardstock : 15 cm x 19 cm and fold at 7.5 cm and 9.5 cm

Center the dies in height. Cut on each side but not from the center.

Fold as picture.

Paper : 14.6 cm x 18.6 cm and fold at 7.3 cm and 9.3 cm.

Place the dies in the same place as on the cardstock.

Make the tour for the pencil of paper.

Cut with scissors.

Stick paper on cardstock.

And now, you will embellish it.
For this project, I use "The Sheperd Annabel" and colouring it with my copics.
Thank for your visit.

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