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26 August 2015

CAS Christmas Card in August

Hello everyone! 
this is my new tutorial - card for this month.

As you can see I'm already thinking about Christmas ... because in my opinion is the most beautiful time of the year to create ... if the stamps are as beautiful as this ("SNOW ANGEL" - LOLLIPOP DREAM COLLECTION) ... make it even more fun !!!

Do you like my card?
I really enjoyed creating it... :-)
You see the stars in the center? 
You want create them but you don't have the punch or the pattern ? No problem!!!
Follow my photo-tutorial... I hope it's clear enough!!! It's very very simple!!!


1. Cut a square of the desired size and fold it in half.
2 . Bent the upper right corner to create a diagonal , fold the lower left corner , creating the other diagonal
3. Bent the lower left corner of the rectangle until it coincides with the center.
4. Fold the left edge as the image
5. Fold the right corner to the crease of the left triange, without overlapping
6. Folded in halft lengthwise

7. Cut as in the picture

8. Open and...love your star!!!! :-D

Thanks for your visit, 
see you in my blog! lamarmottacreativa.blogspot.it


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