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31 July 2015

Strawberry's Basket

Hi!!! This is my first tutorial...i'm very excited!!! :-) 
I have built a sweet brawberry's basket and i have colored one of the fantastic Crafty Sentiments stamps.

You want to built this basket too? Follow my tutorial!!!


1.  Cut a 15,5x15,5 cm square and divide it into nine smaller squares by 5.16 cm each. Bend,  no cut.

2.  Now cut as in the picture six of the nine squares 

3.  Weaves together the pieces of basket with a strong glue

4.  Close and paste always with strong glue.Wait 5 minutes.

5. Repeat with the other side of the basket.

6.  Cut a strip of card 19x1,5 cm and paste in basket.

 Now our basket is ready to be decorated ! Good fun! :-D

Thanks for visiting,

Cristina :-)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great project and excellent explaination!!!
Thank you for sharing with us!