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10 March 2014

CD Card

today I post special card, this is a CD card. I'll explain steps before show the card. This CD card was inpired in me by Tanja.
For this card, you need :
Cardstock : 14 cm x 28.5 cm
                         13.5 cm x 15.5 cm
Paper : 13 cm x 13 cm
Fold the big cardstock at 14 cm and 14.5 cm

Fold the small cardstock  at 05 cm , 1 cm , 14,5 cm and 15 cm

Stick the paterned paper  on the frontside of the smaller cardstock.
Put a CD in the middle of the bae and mark it. 

Then, draw a line at 1.3 cm on the top and the bottom of your card. Then, mesure 2 cm on the left and on the right side and draw lines.
Use a Crop-a-dil to make two holes. Then, use a cutter and a ruler for to connect holes. See pictures:

Return the small cardstock.
Stick with a strong tape on two fold outdoor of your card. Stick on right part of big cardstock.

Now, you have just decorate the front of the card and project is finish.
Thanks for the visite.


Clay - Scrap - Kreativ .blogspot.de said...

Nathalie, your card looks fantastic! Great idea!

Hugs, Susanne.

Tina Henderson said...

Beautiful creation! What a gret idea! Tina