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24 February 2014

Mikha's New release..Sing Along

I created a book card using this cute stamp called "Sing Along".
And... I made the background paper myself! It's my first try; I used 2 Distress Ink pad on a acrilic or you could just any other water resistant media, because you're gonna spray water on it. Then just wiped your paper on it. It would make a new unpredictable yet beautiful pattern. LOL. 
Mine looks like a cloud.

I choose pink (Victorian Velvet) and blue (Broken China) since spring is coming and I think those two colours represent spring most :)

I keep simple the embellishments as I would love to show the background paper.

And here's the back side of my bookcard. You could see what I meant with cloud here :) 

And here's what's inside; I made the left sentiment myself ;)

Here's my favourite part! 
I added decorated bow with padlock charm, as if the bookcard is locked ;) Plus the pink is so soft. I really like this bow, LOL. 

Thank you for looking


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Shazza said...

this is beautiful, love the delicate colours x